Photography Career Profiles

Career Profile 1:

The wedding photographers professional responsibilities are to make sure that they bring all their own equipment that htye will need throughout the event, they also need to make sure that they are on time to the venue and know where it is and how they are going to get there. The technical skills they would require is knowing how to work the camera settings, such as being able to adjust the shutter speed and/or the aperture, as each venue they would attend would have different lightings be it inside or outsid. The personal skills they would require are to have good communication skills, as they would need to be polite, calm and collective as they would need to make sure that everyone is comfortable having their picture taken, and that they are all in poisiton. These skills are very important as this makes a good wedding photographer meaning people may want to pass your name onto someone that they know has a wedding even coming up, which could lead you to getting more jobs and becoming well known to the oubliic.

The benefits of this profession is that you will learn valuable skills as you go along, such as shooting in different locations at each job, meaning there will be different lighting, so you will constantly have to adjust your camera settings to get the desired shot. The best part about this job would be getting to meet new characters of people, so you are able to get your name out there and get them to pass your name along, which could them get you more jobs in the future and it makes you more well known so people are more likely to pick a photographer that they know does a good job rather than an unknown photographer. The limitations you could face could be struggling to travel to the venue or even finding it, you would also accidentally bring along the wrong equipment which could delay wedding plans throughout the day and meaning that the couple may not get the pictures they wanted.

The types of skills that you will require are equipment and training skills. This could be things such as understanding the certain parts of your camera such as needed to adjust settings due to the lighting or being able to chose the correct angles. You would also need editing skills, such as being able to use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, which allows you to change the filters, fix any blemishes or crop any unwanted parts of the picture. You will also need skills within marketing, so you could potentially do this through social media, meaning you would need good written and verbal communication skills. You would also need to have good listening skills, as you need to be able to understand what the customer wants, such as how the pictures should be taken, or how they would the final pictures to be edited.

To be able to progress through this career you could set up a website and post some experimental pictures on there, you could then get some friends or family members to take a look and see what they think, and I they like it and think its good they could then pass your name along to someone they know who has a wedding event coming up and suggest you as the photographer, which will help you progress as they could pass your name on and so on. Within wedding photography there aren’t any certain qualification that you require, however, I do suggest that you do a course at college, as you will be able to develop your skills within knowing how to work the camera. You can also do some work experience with someone who does wedding photography as a profession, this way you could learn the camera skills that they use, also editing skills and they way that they take their photographs, which could potentially help you in the long run.

The type of salary you can expect to earn is around £19,549 approximately per year. The other opportunities you could progress into, is if you feel you have gotten everything you can out of doing wedding photography, you could go into teaching photography to children who have ambitions to become a photographer, as you would have all the skills and know what its like to be in the industry. You could also pass on inspiration to others and help them build up their photography career.

A photographer that currently works in this profession is Adam Alex. I visited their website and it is very professional and well laid out and easy to navigate round. They include their pictures from different destinations around the world such as South Africa or in the South of France. His pictures are very professional in the way they are taken such as the use of depth of field in some of his images where the bride and groom are in front of a sunset but they are in focus and the sunset is blurred out, which in my opinion makes it look magical. I also found an industry of professional wedding photographers, which is called the SSWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) This site helps you to gain a career through wedding photography as they ‘offer the most comprehensive range of educational seminars by inspirational speakers’. They help to provide training and mentoring to help you progress into your career in the best way possible. Adam Alex progressed through his career as he has good communication skills with people, he is fun and caring, so people enjoy having their photographs taken, which then helps him to capture the raw emotion of the image. He is has also has an ability to convey your story through his images in the most natural way possible. A source says ‘His fun loving style coupled with an essential ability to communicate and interact with his clients is what sets Adam apart and draws people to him’.

Career Profile 2:

A freelance nature photographers responsibilities would be having to carry around their own equipment, such as a tripod and their camera also depending on the location, means they would have to provide themselves with transport to get there and back. A freelance nature photographer is a photographer who takes their own pictures and then may post them online, they could also sell their images or hire themselves out for a magazine cover or even for a store to advertise. The technical skills they would require, is basic camera skills such as changing the aperture or shutter speed, or even adjusting the tripod to their desired height so they can get the right shot. The personal skills they require is for example, being able to email a magazine company, so they would have to have good communication skills by being able to professionally and formally speak to someone, it could also be over the phone or even in person. these skills are important as without technical skills, your pictures wouldn’t look professional or very good. Personal skills are also very important as you would need to be polite to the person you are speaking to as they would be more likely to hire you to for example, take pictures for their montly magazine, however, of you lacked communication skills, such as sending late replies to an email or speaking to them informally, they are less likely to want you for the job role as they could potentially think that you aren’t professional or organised enough.

The benefits of this profession is being able to go out there and take pictures of what you want and when you want, you could then upload it to maybe your blog or website for people to enjoy. Other benefits may include being able to do things on your time, so you don’t have a set schedule, you could go out and take photographs t five in the evening or six in the morning. The best parts about this profession would again be that you can take pictures that you want, and then maybe edit them to your standard and upload them for people to look at. The limitations and challenges you could face is finding difficulty in hiring yourself out, such as a job advertising your images or for a company magazine as there are lots of amazing freelance nature photographers out there so you would have to make sure that your images are individual and unique.

The types of skills you would need in this profession are, for example, equipment skills as you would need to know the basics, such as adjusting your camera due to different lighting, or being able to adjust a tripod if it is needed, or even to be able to get different and creative angles when taking photographs. The personal characteristics you would need is to have an ambitious nature, as it is a highly competitive field, so you’ll need ambition if you’re going to make it. You’ll also need to be creative in your images so they are unique and different so people are more drawn to them.

You can progress into this career by setting up a blog on social media or a website containing experimental pictures that you have taken and edited yourself. You could then email a few local companies or magazine organisations and ask them to take a look in their free time and leave some feedback. This could then lead to companies or magazine organisations to gain and intrest and liking to your work, and may want to give you an opportunity with them to take some experimental pictures with them and if you do well they could potentially hire you.

The salary you could expect to earn within freelance nature photography is around £18,000 per year. There are other opportunities to progress further into different job roles, such as if you begin as a freelance nature photographer, you could get hired by a company and become their main photographer for that magazine, you could then potentially become in charge of that magazine and many other leading to more opportunities to take pictures and then being able to edit them to your liking. You could also then go onto managing the magazine and getting other employees to either edit or take the images for you.

James Ravilious is a landscape nature photographer. He take his images in black and white, as his work was based around the 1970’s-1990’s, mainly taken in the west of England. He is a freelance photographer, as he take pictures of what he wants, he then edits and uploads them for people’s enjoyment, he also may out his work in galleries. For me he inspired me to focus my work in landscape as I thought his images looked very elegant and beautiful. James Ravilious was inspired by a French photographer named Henri Cartier-Bresson. James Ravilious’s images were to show the lifestyle associated with a small area of North Devon. He actually only intended for it to be a short term project, however, he gained popularity within his images and it then turned into a 17 year career. He made only black and white images for Beaford Arts.

The similarities between a wedding photographer and a freelance nature photographer is that they both earn a similar salary per year. They can also both hire themselves out to companies and businesses, which could lead to permanent employment. They both require to have similar technical skills, as they noth need to have basic camera knowledge. They also noth need to have good communication skills whem getting in tpuvh with people as they need to present themselves in a polite and formal way. The differences between these two professions is that a freelance nature photographer can take any images they like within the nature bounds, also they don’t hve a time limit or set hours to take photographs. However, a wedding photographer would need to take images that the couple want and have to get the desired shots that they have been asked to do. They also have to be on time to thr wedding venue and mske sure they are taking continuous images throughout the day, yet they also have to have a schedule to take group shot and make sure that everyone is comfortable and ready. I think the career most suited in my opinion would be a wedding photographer. I would chose this career over a freelance nature photographer, as it seems more organised, as you are takeing the same images each time and have time slots which makes it easier to organise when to take group shots, or individual images, as it is up to the couple to decide. You also get to meet a lot of different people which could help you to get your name out there, which could potentially lead to more job opportunities. However, if I was to chose personally out of the two I would pick a freelance nature photographer, only because it is what I am more interested in and what I hope to be in the future, not only do I enjoy it but it is a pssion that I want to persue. I will develop my skills and characteristics, by becoming more confident within myelf, which will then help me gain more confident into speaking to new people and being able to email companies or industires, to look at my work and ask for their opinion. This course can help me progress into this career as it will help me develop my technical skills, such as using my camera more efficiently and being able to edit my images on Adobe Photoshop, as I struggle using it at the moment, as it is very complex to use.








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