Brief Comparison

Photographer one

Magazine/editorial brief

Real World Estimates – Magazine Contract


The photographer for this shoot was responsible for a lot of things, as they were given a list of what they had to cover throughout the shoot. However, when given the list of things to do, they were not given a specific style of photography that they had to use, they were only told what they were supposed to photograph. The photographer was also responsible to the lighting, the location of the shoot and the models or objects that needed to be in the image. Although the client wasn’t given a specific style of photography to use, it has stated in the brief that ‘if her expectations didn’t match up with the reality of the situation, I was free to take the pictures in whatever direction I thought was appropriate.’ yet it still has to be professional and within the topic she has been given. The image format and delivery time scale was not specified in the brief, however they must have been set a deadline for the photographs to be submitted.

In this shoot the photographer was responsible for hiring out all the equipment and actually set up the shoot. However, the budget for this shoot is £1500, however, they had to take into account that the journey would take 5 hours to get to, so she offered to pay for the hotel, mileage, parking, tolls, meals. The photographer took that to mean that she didn’t want to pay for a travel day for the photographer or their assistant. Normally this photographer would charge £250 for an assistant (but around £400 including travel) They normally charge £300 for a digital fee, which would involve cameras and the initial processing and posting the images on a web gallery. if the creative fee is quite generous, the photographer doesn’t typically charge separately for strobes or file prep, otherwise they would charge £150 – £300 for strobes on an editorial shoot and around £25 for each file prep. Altogether that would come to £600, which they called a ‘modest fee’ including the travel on top of it.

This brief has asked a photographer to take images of a computer scientist working on a project about robots. The image should convey what they were working on and the feelings that portray their working environment. Overall this shoot was very successful as the images looked professional and included everything that was explained in the brief.

Photographer two

Wedding Photographer- contractual brief

1 to 1 Consultancy

The wedding photographer brief is a lot different to the previous one as in this one they had to be a lot more independent, such as being in charge of bringing their own equipment or having back up batteries and even back up equipment in case anything gets broken or damaged throughout the day. They also need to be responsible or what kind of photos that the couple getting married want, such as the angles that their images are being taken from, who should be in them, roughly how many pictures that they want taken and when they should be taken. Within this brief you have to do what you’re told, which helps in the long run as you may not make as many mistakes as you know exactly what to do, however there isn’t a lot of freedom in the role, whereas in the previous brief you could branch out a little and be more creative. The location would be decided by the bride and groom and all further information, they would notify you via phone consultation.

There is a lot of planning and preparing that would go into this, as you would have to communicate with the bride and groom, and also the guests, as you would want to make sure that they are comfortable with their pictures being taken throughout the day. This is necessary as if you in some way take the wrong images, as the bride and groom may not be happy with the outcomes, which may then lead to them not wanting to pay you as they may feel that their images were not to a good enough standard. Travel time is vital for this job, as being a wedding photographer you have to leave yourself time to get from place to place, so having to pack everything up and make sure that you have everything with you and then have to travel to another wedding location could be tricky, so you have to balance your time well as you cannot be late. You would also need to be aware of the different locations when taking either group pictures, or pictures of the bride and groom together or the bride with her bridesmaids or the groom with his best man/men. You would also need to discuss editing skills within this job, as the bride and groom may want the images more focused on them such as if they had a natural background, they may want the background blurred and only them in focus. Also they may want you to retouch pictures, such a fixing blemishes or cropping any unwanted objects out.

The objective for this shoot is to capture magical and memorable moments of a couples wedding day. So these images would be something that they would keep forever, or even frame, so the images that you take must be in the clients eyes ‘perfect’. All of the details for this shoot would have previously spoken about with the bride and groom, as they would want to inform you on the style, sizing, angles, orientation and the format. All this is necessary as you have to make sure that the clients needs are met and that they are happy with the final results, so they get what they paid for. The editorial brief/shoot, allowed more creativity and let them branch out with their own ideas, however with the wedding shoot they had to follow what the clients have told them to do and in every way that they want.

Both the photographers successfully met their briefs. The editorial shoot about scientists robots, had a lot more creativity to it and the photographer was bale to include some of their own ideas if they stayed on topic. They had to capture interesting and eye-catching images to make the viewer to want to read on and become engaged in the article. However, with the wedding shoot they had to keep on topic, and listen and do what the clients want. The purpose of this shoot is to capture a couples magical day and so they have wonderful pictures that will remind them of the memorable day they had with irreplaceable images. Within the editorial brief they mentioned about the budget being £1500, however it wasn’t mentioned about how much the photographer would be paid for doing the actual shoot. In the wedding brief there was very little about a budget or what they would be paid, however, this should have been discussed via phone call or over email between the photographer and the clients.





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