Self Reflection

  1. Once I leave college there are a lot opportunities I have, such as going to university. However I would like to, once I finish my two year course in college to get myself into an apprenticeship. The style of photography I would like to pursue in is nature photography, maybe working for a magazine and taking pictures that would feature in it. If I went to university I could potentially get a degree and find employment such as a teacher or starting up my own business, however I prefer the idea of working for a magazine as I o=could progress within that by maybe one day managing a part of the magazine or even further in the future managing that magazine. I also think that doing an apprenticeship could help me lead into employment as if they think I am worthy enough they could want me to work for them.
  2. The skills that I have is basic camera skills, such as changing the shutter speed, aperture or ISO depending what location/setting I am in. For example, if I am outside I would be able to set my shutter speed to the right setting to balance the lighting, I would then be able to adjust it as the lighting outside would change throughout the day. I am also able to take from images from a variation of angles and make ach image look unique and beautiful.
  3. The skills I would need for nature photography is again being able to have basic camera skills and being able to adjust to the desired settings to get the right image. I would also need to be able to edit my images on either Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, as there may be some images that I want to re-touch or crop unwanted things out, or even putting a different filter on it to give it a different look. the strengths I think I have with this is that I have basic camera skill knowledge, I can adjust the settings. I also have very basic Photoshop skills, however I would see this as one of my weaknesses as I find it difficult to navigate round and use the tools within it. The opportunities I have is either doing freelance photography, going to university and progressing through that or I could do an apprenticeship which could potentially lead into a career. The threats I face is maybe not having the professional equipment, which leads into another threat which is money, as I would have to pay out for all the equipment, unless it is included. Another threat could be travel, or travel costs as it all depends on how far I have to travel and if I am able to get myself there either by car, bus or train.
  4. Within my communication skills I think  am quite confident. I would be able to confidentially email an employer or a client to gather information or ‘instructions’ of what they would need me to do, I think I would also be quite confident speaking to someone over the phone or even having a meeting in person. If asked, I would be able to put a presentation together to show off my skills or ‘experimental’ pictures that they may require. However, if I were to present my work in front of a large audience and speak about it, I think it would come under one of my weaknesses as I think I would be too nervous and would feel under too much pressure.

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