Mood Board

For this unit i plan to aim my style of photograph at nature photography. I think nature photography is simple but if  it is done right it can look really beautiful and unique. I think within nature photography  want to photograph flowers rather things such as trees.



This mood board includes work from, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nick Night and Georgia O’Keefe.

mood board 2

Whilst looking at each artists work, I think the person I will aim my research at is Robert Mapplethorpe as his work is what I am hoping to achieve in my FMP, however, instead of having a black background I will be having natural backgrounds as I am hoping to take my pictures in Kew Gardens or in the Cambridge Botanical Gardens. When looking at Nick Nights work, I wasn’t too sure if I liked it, however the images above are the ones I liked a lot as they have artistic features, which may help me when developing my photography skills. Then finally Georgia O’Keefe, although her images like Nick Night, are paintings, I really enjoyed looking at her images as I like the simplicity of the close up paintings, as they look unique and beautiful.


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