Shoot Plan 1

For this shoot I will go into the studio and take images of two daisies. I will have someone holding the flowers against a black background, whilst I photograph them using a macro lens so I can experiment and practice using it before I do when I take my final images. I will also use a soft box as my lighting, and set it to a medium setting, however, I want to try and make the background as black as possible, just like Robert Mapplethorpe did in his flower series images. I will also change the position of the flowers, so I can try out different angles and composition so I can get a rough idea of how I will set up my final shoot in the studio. The things that I think will go well, is being able to position the flowers in the way that I want, as it is pretty simple, however the way I’m taking them will make them a lot more interesting. I also think that using the macro lens will be successful, as it will allow me to experiment taking images up close, and getting the individual details of the daisies. The things that I think won’t go so well, is being able to get a dead black background, as I’m using a soft box so light is bound to reflect off of it, although they’re only experimental it would be good if I’m able to get a good black background in these photographs. The person who I have researched for this shoot is Robert Mapplethorpe, as he did a flower series. In his images he had boldly coloured flowers, shot on their own with a plain black background. When I first started researching I was originally going to take my images outside, which I’ve done in previous experimental shoots, however, when I came across Robert Mapplethorpe his images really caught my eye. Although they were simple, they really stood out due to the black background and boldness of the flowers. I then thought that I would use his ideas for my final images, which lead me to do this experimental shoot in preparation for my final images.


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