Shoot Plan 2

For this shoot, I will be going around college and taking pictures of various flowers. I won’t be using any artificial lighting, only natural as it will be outside. I will be taking photos of flowers with other flowers in the background, however I will be using a short depth of field so the flower in the front will be focused and the background will be blurred. I will also try and find a group of the same flowers and try and get as close a I can to them, this way I can experiment in how I will use the macro lens. With the group of flowers I will try and use a short depth of field so I focus on a singular flower again and only have the flowers showing in the background, as it will make the image stand out more, as there is less to focus on in the image. The things that I think will go well is being able to use a short depth of field in my photos, as I find it easy to do so. However, the things I may find challenging is getting the flowers in the right position and to stay still as it may be windy, so the images could potentially come out a bit blurry, although I could have someone hold the flower still at the bottom of the stem so I won’t get their hand in the image and the flower will be still enough to get a good shot of it.


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