Macro Photography

Heather Angel is a photographer who does a lot of different styles, one of her styles is macro photography which include a series of beautiful images. Within her macro work she focuses on nature including animals and flowers. I focused more on the flower images as they’re what my FMP is all about. Her flowers are very intricate, beautiful and ornate. I really like the idea of macro photography as although further away pictures can also be just a good, I like how you can get the individuality of the flowers up close. Heather also takes macro pictures of animals/insects, I really love the colours that are seen up close as it makes it pop and stand out which catches the viewers attention making them more intrigued in her work.

Here are some examples of her macro flowers:


I like the idea of having the flowers on a black background, as it makes the colours of the flowers more vibrant and stand out. It also makes it easier to have contrasting colours, as I could have a group of flowers in one colour and then a contrasting coloured flower in the middle with the black background so the colours are bold and a lot more eye catching. The second picture is where I think I have drawn inspiration from, as the flower itself includes contrasting colours with a black background and its done using a macro lens, also the black background relates back to Robert Mapplethorpe’s work as he used black background for his flower series.


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