Project Proposal&Scheme Of Work

For my final major project I plan to focus my photography on nature photography, however, I will be taking pictures of flowers only. Previously I planned to take my pictures in a place such as Cambridge’s botanical gardens or in Kew Gardens, as i was going to have a natural background with other flowers in the back, however, i would have the main flower in focus and the background blurred. I liked this idea to begin with as i thought that having a natural background with the sun shining would make the images look beautiful and ornate. However, when researching about Robert Mapplethorpe and the way he took his images, I have chosen to follow his footsteps, as I now want to take my pictures in the studio with a black background. In some of my pictures I will photograph a group of flowers with a short depth of field, with a contrasting coloured flower in the background. I will also be incorporating macro photography into my work. I will also be taking pictures of boldly/contrasting coloured flowers close up, to make them eye catching and show the individuality of the flower. The reason i have chosen to now photograph my images in the studio, is because i think that the flowers will stand out more as there isn’t a lot of other objects in the background to get distracted from. Although i will be having a group of flowers blurred in the back with the main one in focus at the front, i still think that having the black backdrop will make the main flower stand out more as the colours of the flowers will pop more and make them bold which will catch the eye of viewers as the colours stand out.

The equipment i will require when shooting my final images, is a soft box, i will set it up to my camera, so the flash goes off. I will also need a table and black card, to match the black background. I will also need to buy two bouquets of flowers, so i have a range of colours and can incorporate different ideas within the shoot. I’ll need someone to hold the flowers in place so they don’t fall about, this way they will stay in position. I won’t have the hand in the shot as i will be using a macro lens but even with the long shots i will make sure that they’re holding the flowers at the bottom to keep then steady, but if their hand does get in the shot i can crop it out if i need to. I could also use a vase, to place the flowers in when doing macro shots of individual flowers, this way they will stay in place and i can arrange the flowers in a beautiful way, it also saves someone having to stay still holding the flowers in a difficult position.

The things i may find challenging is editing my final images on Photoshop. Although i do have a rough idea in how to use the tools, i think i will find it hard to get the images to an excellent standard as i don’t think my Photoshop skills are good enough. I may also find it difficult to get the right angles or the correct arrangement of the flowers. Such as, when having a group of the same flowers together and a different one in the middle, i may find it hard to get the middle flower in the right position or in the right focus. However, the things I feel confident with is taking the actual images. I also feel confident in setting up the lights in the studio, also I’ll be able to detach my lens and attach the macro lens onto my camera without any assistance. I think I’ll also be able to confidently adjust the camera settings to suit the studio lighting and the flash.

The meaning  behind my work, is to create a campaign called the ‘Be Yourself’ campaign. As in society today people try to fit in and be the same as everyone else. So my idea is to photograph the same flowers, and show that as much as you try to be the same, close up you are different, either it be your personality or looks. It also shows that we are all beautiful in our own way and that we should stop comparing ourselves to others, such as, a rose may be seen more beautiful that a daisy, however if you look at them separately they are both beautiful in their own unique way. So we should learn to accept ourselves the way we are and stop comparing ourselves with each other and learn to love ourselves.

Scheme Of Work

For the first week of this project I will be doing photographer career profiles, hopefully I will be able to get that done in the first day. I then hope to do my photographer comparisons done on the second day, then also get my self reflection done at the end of the week.

For the second week, I will be researching up a range of photographers, and finding my favourite ones by gathering and comparing images to which I like best. I will then find three photographers and create a mood board containing some of their images. I also want to be able to write about three photographers that I will gain inspiration from.

For the third week, I will plan out how to write my project proposal, which is currently what I’m working on. I hope to finish it by the end of the week.

For the fourth week, I will be planning when and where to take my experimental shoots ready for the next week. I will also be completing my shoot plans for my experimental shoots, this way I know what I’ll be doing.

For the fifth week, I will be going out and taking my experimental images, I hope to get a range of pictures for these test shoots. Once I have taken these images, I will then go back and put them all onto contact sheets, so I’ll have three separate ones. Once that is completed I will evaluate each shoot by saying where I’ve gone, what I’ve done and how I’ve done it.

For the sixth week, I will go through my experimental images and find my favourite ones, once I have found the best images I will then edit them on Photoshop. However, before this we will hopefully have a session on how to use the basics of Photoshop, this way I am able to then practice the basics on my experimental images, this way when it comes to editing my final images, I’ll have more of an idea of how to edit them to my standard.

For the seventh week, I will be aiming to take my final images, I hope to take about 30-40 images, so I have a range to chose from for my final eight images. Once I am happy with the pictures I have taken, I hope to be able to put them onto contact sheets. Once I have done contact sheets, I am aiming to pick my final eight images and get them edited on Photoshop to my professional standard.

Finally on the last week, I am aiming to write up my final shoot plan, I have chosen to do my final shoot plan after I have taken my final images, so I know how to write it, as I know what I’ve done and how I’ve done it. I also aim to chose my final image which I will be showcasing, this will lead me then to upload my final eight images and my final image and complete my evaluation for my FMP.


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