Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe does a series of flower photography. He mostly uses a singular flowers (sometimes a group of the same flower) and photographs them on a black background. He takes them from different angles to get different perspectives of the flowers. In most of his images he the the base of the flower in the shot, and also includes in e of them the stem and/or leaves. He keeps the images simple, however makes them look beautiful. Within the texture of his images, he makes them quite soft, either in the lighting he uses, which may be a soft box to exclude any shadows or shine on the flowers. He differs the composition of his work, some of them may be in thirds, so he will have the flowers in the middle of the picture which makes it look neat and simple. However, some of them are at a slanted angle so the flowers stem starts off in the bottom left hand corner and is aimed towards the upper right hand corner, this makes the image more interesting as it isn’t just straight and simple, which may catch the attention of viewers. Robert Mapplethorpe uses a wide depth of field in most of his images, as he has the whole image in focus, however due to the bright coloured flowers and black background he doesn’t need to have the base of the flower in focus only, as it stands out on its own anyway.

Within Robert Mapplethorpe’s work, I really like the use of a black background, as it makes the flowers stand out, also the images look simple but the change of angles in his photographs makes them stand out and look beautiful. However, in his flower series I think he should have photographed more bouquets of the same flower, as I in my opinion, it would have made his images more busy and stand out, as too much of the same thing could become boring, so having more group flower shots (even if they weren’t all of the same flower) would have made his images that more eye catching in my view. Which is why in my final major project I will be taking macro shot of individual flowers for my final 8 shots however, overall in my contact sheets I will have quite a few l0ng shots of a bouquet of flowers, either of the same flower or all different, as it will link into the meaning behind it, showing individuality of each flower representing society/people.



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