Georgia O’Keefe

Georgia O’Keefe is an artist, she does a series of close up paintings of flowers. The reason I have chosen Georgia O’Keefe, although she isn’t a photographer, I love the detail and close ups of her paintings, as in a way it represents macro photography, which I am using in my work. When looking at her images, I really liked the colour she incorporated in her paintings, as she for example, painted a yellow flower up close. She thought about where the shadowing would be if it were a real flower in the sun, she also thought about the tone and texture pf the flower, whether the tones would be natural or bold. I really liked how she did this, as I want to use her ideas within my own work, such as, changing the tones of the images within Photoshop, but only slightly so the image still looks natural in its element.

Her paintings remind me of macro photography, being the reason I chose her, as she shows in her paintings the detail of each flower, however it may not be in depth detail but it’s enough to make the painting look beautiful. Her images are quite simple, like Robert Mapplethorpes  images, however, they are eye catching as she makes them look unique in their own way, as she thinks about the colours or tone that she is using throughout the whole painting, which makes it stand out so much and catch the eye of her viewers.


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