Final Shoot Plan

For this shoot, I am creating an advertising campaign called ‘Be Yourself’ in which I will photograph flowers up close using a macro lens, the flowers will represent people/society. As we all try to fit in and be the same, however when you look up close, we’re all different, which could represent our personality, or our attitude towards life. The flowers will show how we may all try to look the same but when you look up close we are all different in our own way. Especially women who are represented as objects rather than actual people in the media, teenage girls try to look like them or envy them, however we need to realise that we are all beautiful in our own way, inside and out. That’s there the flowers come into play, as a rose may look more beautiful that a daisy, but when you look at them separately, they are both equally as beautiful but in their own way. So we need to stop comparing ourselves to others and be ourselves.

I will start this shoot by setting up all my equipment. I will attach the hot shoot to my camera and plug the wire into the soft box, to use to my lighting. I will set the soft box to a fairly low setting, so the background is more black compared to my experimental shoot. I will then place a table down, as I will be having someone hold the flowers, so I’ll use a table for stability. Once that is set up I will then do some practice shots, to make sure my camera setting are correct, as I may need to adjust my shutter speed, ISO or aperture. It will also allow me to make sure the soft box is on the right lighting setting. Once I am happy with the way everything is set up, I will then start to take my final images. I will have six flowers, they will be the same kind of flower but in different colours to represent individuality within a person. I will be taking most of my images up close with a macro lens, however I will also be doing some longer shots, so you can see the whole flower and a small portion of the stem. This way I will have a varied amount of images and a few more to pick for my final eight.

I got my inspiration for this shoot from Robert Mapplethorpe. As he did a flower series, shot in a studio with a black background. When researching this series, they really caught my eye, as they were simple yet stunning, the black background made the colour of the flowers stand out and look beautiful. He mostly shot the flowers on their own, however, he did have a few images with bouquets of flowers, but his individual flowers are really what caught my eye and made me want to follow up on his ideas. I got my macro inspiration from Georgia O’Keefe, although she’s a painter, she paints pictures of flowers up close, which is why she caught my attention, as it is almost like it is almost lie macro photography. her paintings, like Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs, are simple yet unique, as the colours are simple but the individuality within the painting makes it stand out, which is why I chose to research her.

These are two images, one from Robert Mapplethorpe’s flower series and one painting from Georgia O’Keefe, in which I will use as a reference for my work:


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