Ben Heine

Paige’s interpretation:

“What I like most about Ben Heine’s work is how he brings animation and creativity to life in the form of drawings and made them his own. I also like how this is a easy thing to interpret and make it my own for my college unit, this gives me the chance to experiment and brings humour and a child’s perception into real life scenarios. This is my favourite image, this is because I love how he has not only lined and perfected the drawing to the background but I love how original it is and how it’s not like any other artists work I have seen before. His work really reminds me of when people see to put old photographs against new shooing the comparison of how it used to look like and i think this is where he may have gotten his ideas from.”


My interpretation:

What I like most about Ben Heine’s work is how he takes real life images that he has taken and turn them into humours images by drawing a picture to put on top of the original one. He has to be very precise in his work to make sure everything lines up so before he can publish his work he has to make sure that everything is in its place, which is where photoshop would come into place. He takes his images and gives it a child likes perception on them. So his audience could attract many young children or even teenagers as they may find it humours and enjoyable to look at. In some of his images some drawings are more detailed than others, and in each image he has a different background to create a different image/story. His work is very creative and he can make many drawings out of each one, which shows he has a creative mind and a lot of imagination to be able to interpret what a child may see.



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