Claudio Coltura:

I picked her painting of a child with a clown painted on his face, the child’s expression is sad and down. This may show that either at home or at school or even at work depending if the artist is expressing themselves or the little boy how they are treated like a clown, that they are never taken seriously in what they say. It may be that every time they do something that the love that they are made fun of and laughed at. It could also mean, for example, that within in school (talking about the little boy) they are seen as the class clown, that they may feel they have to mess about to fit in, however, they know that there are consequences in that they may get told off frequently, or that they may be behind on their work which may mean staying after class to finish or not doing well on exams. The painting is quite detailed, which may show that Claudio Coltura is quit the perfectionist, in that she has to do things to a perfect standard, that the intricate details need to be seen for the image to portray how she feels. She has purposely made the boy in a stained grey, to make it look dull but then has made the clown face in colour, to draw your attention and focus on the main issue she is trying to get across, which is ver creative and powerful.


Christy Schwathe

I picked his painting of a man sitting inside of a bin/bucket with crows attacking him. This image to me shows a very powerful message being aimed at his audience. it may show how he went through a rough patch in his life, where he felt isolated, alone and everyone around him was attacking him verbally, maybe by telling him what to do or making him rush into things that he’s not ready for. It could also show a homeless man, in how he has nothing, the crows could represent society who expect mrs from him an are still trying to take whatever he has left away from him. I like how he has his face covered, as it may show how he has no identity, he could represent the poor/homeless community within society and how no one cares about them or try to help them but instead just pick away at them until there is nothing left but loss and despair.


Dan Elijah Fajardo

I really like this image because it gives out a really powerful message. This could show how he is suffering, for example, with depression, so he’s stuck on a side of isolation and sadness, not knowing what to do. However, when he pulls back the curtain, he can see his happiness but he can’t get to it because of his depression and feeling stuck and not being able to move anywhere without the fear of being rejected or put down for reaching out. This image could also show how he is stuck n a job that he doesn’t like and he wants to move forward into something that he’l really enjoy. Which again is shown when he pulls back the curtain, in that he can see his dream job and his future and where he wants to be, but can’t reach it as he is in the wrong occupation, but with a tiny step he could be there or making his way up to being in his dream.








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