Case Study

When I completed my work experience, I went to my previous senior school Burnt Mill Academy. I worked within the Photography department, my role was to be a photography assistant. My first day was nerve-racking, i didn’t know what to expect or what i was going to do. I turned up on time at 8:30-9. I already knew all the teachers names, as i went to the school the year before, so it was easy to fit in and talk about things. This was good as i feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.

However, i did make a few mistakes, for example, I took two students out of the classroom to go and take some pictures and i was told to make sure that i took a spare battery for them as the battery in the camera was running low. However, we got all the way to the other side of the school, they took a few pictures and the camera died and thats when i realised that i forgot to bring the spare battery with me. Which resulted in me having to walk back to the classroom and get the spare battery then go back out again.

The successes i achieved, was being able to help the students when they got stuck in sing some of the camera settings when they were out taking pictures, and also being able to help them with their photoshop skills, although my knowledge of photoshop wasn’t very good, i was able to help with some small things, such as finding the crop tool and the blur tool.

The lessons I learnt during my time at Burnt Mill, was developing my knowledge of Photoshop. It seemed that the students at Burnt Mill, knew more about Photoshop that I did, which was very useful in the long run as i was able to go back to college and use what i had learnt into my own work. Learning more about Photoshop was very helpful as I am now able to get on with my work when editing photos without any help as i now know how to edit my pictures, and what told i need to use when editing.



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