Self Shoot Plan

For this shoot I am planning to use the idea of defacing. I am going to use one location which is outside in the woods next to my house. I may also experiment with some light painting which can also use the idea of defacing. I could have a model holding a light in front of their face, I could then use a slow shutter speed, which could hold for about 10 seconds, so whilst it is going the model could then do a scribbling action in front of their face, so once it comes out it’s like they’re face has been scratched out. The equipment i’ll need, is a tripod depending on the location, my camera, a model, and a chair. In some images I will take pictures of the model sitting on the chair in a respectable way, but their head slightly tilting downwards. Once I have all my desired shots I will go back and edit them onto Photoshop. I will use the blur tool for now and blur out their faces in every image, but the ones with the close up shots of them looking at the name badge, I will also smudge out the name on the badge. These images will represent people in the work place and who they are one person in a huge incorporation and how they have no identity. That they are seen as nothing and how they are tread the same and that they look and dress the same a everyone else, which could make a person feel isolated and alone and also could make them feel worthless.


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