Education Mind Map 1


  1. Sponsorships
  • University can sponsor you
  • Bursary- supplied by uni’s or industry
  • Army/navy- pay for education (sponsor you) train with them, and expected to work with them for a number of year afterwards
  • Work placement within SKY (apprenticeship) help with bursary, have the opportunity to work with them during the course and expected to work with them afterwards

2. Student loans

  • University can sponsor you
  • Try and raise money
  • Bursary supply you with the money if you qualify for it and some you apply for
  • Army/navy can help pay for your education if you join their boot camp and work with them after you’ve finished the course and during

3. Entry requirements

  • C or above in Maths and English, for Photography
  • 30 hours of work experience within the course you’re taking
  • UCAS points, level 3 qualification requirements (merit or above, most want a distinction)
  • Personal statements required
  • Portfolio
  • Interview
  • Many require an online process before interview

4. After UNI

  • Masters degree
  • Employment (self or company as a photographer)
  • Take pictures for the army or for SKY, work with them for 2 or 3 years



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