Employment Mind Map 1&2

  1. Apprenticeships
  • Age (preferred 18 or above)
  • Qualifications (relevant)
  • Knowledge- something that interests you and you enjoy
  • Travelling costs- could walk if it’s a decent distance, but if it is further away, you may need to travel.
  • Money is limited, which could effect your livelihood
  • Some may not guarantee a future position
  • Role specific training and experience
  • Different locations maybe every 3 weeks

2. Career

  • Qualifications (relevant)
  • Knowledge- knowing a lot about the work you’re about to go into, and having an idea of how you will progress within it (personal research)
  • Travelling costs- as it is a career, you’d want it to be a place that’s easy and straight forward to get to
  • Money can be a lot better
  • More likely a guaranteed further position
  • More likely to be in the same location, depending on what you do
  • You’ll most likely need experience prior to entering your chosen career

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