Personal Statement

I started photography as a hobby about three years ago. Not owning a camera at the time I just took them with my phone, I loved to go out and photograph flowers and nature, I was really passionate about it. I then thought I would go on to do A-levels at college as all my friends were going there. On registering I found out that I didn’t have enough points to get in, I was devastated as all my friends had got in and I knew that I was going to have to now make new friends and be in a different environment to what I was used to. After talking with a photography tutor and my mum about what else I could do, I decided that I could do a photography course as I was very passionate about taking pictures, learning about new styles and techniques within the photography world. Now that I am in my second year, I’ve realised that I am much happier and comfortable where I am now and that I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself as much if I were doing A-levels, as there is a lot more freedom within the units for me to express myself.

I originally got my inspiration from my Grampz. Throughout my life he has taken pictures of my family and I’ve always thought he was really cool as he has the best cameras and his images always stun me, I looked up to him so much and always wished that one day I could be like him. He is now a professional freelance photographer and has his own website all set up. He goes out to a shoot he’s been hired for and sets up his make-shift studio. He has his own equipment, as most of the money he earns doing these shoots goes towards more updated and better equipment for future shoots. Last year in June I had the privilege of assisting and working with him on one of his shoots. I was able to help him set up the lighting, drop down background and tripod, he also showed me how to set up his  canon camera. Once it was all set up I got the chance to take some experimental pictures of my own and get a taste of what it is like being a freelance photographer, I loved every second of it. It gave me an insight to what I could do with photography in the future. In my first year of college I also went to do work experience at my previous senior school, I worked within the Photography department and got the chance to work with two different teachers. They both had their own teaching methods, which allowed me to get a taste of the life of a Photography teacher and how their ideas differed. I was there for a week and within that week I was able to help out many students, either with camera settings or getting the right angles, however I also learnt a lot more about some Photoshop aspects during my time there. When I first started college I had very little knowledge on Photoshop, however, I was able to go back and apply my newfound knowledge into my work.

Within my second year of college, I found that I’ve learnt a lot more of the technical aspects and further developed my skills than in my first year. I learnt a lot more about camera settings, photoshop skills and the way I approach outcomes. In my first year of college there was a lot less freedom within projects, however, in my second year all of my projects were individual as we had to do our own research and come up with our own ideas, which gave me a lot more freedom to explore and develop my ideas within units.

I enjoyed the college learning environment as there was a lot of freedom and individuality where I could have my own interpretation of the briefs I was set which was backed up by research. There was a lot more freedom within units to explore and experiment with techniques and applications. There was also a lot more time to investigate within the units, whereas if  I had gone into A-levels I would have had a lot less time to explore the units as I would have had other classes and work to focus on. I’m glad that I chose to do this one course as I feel that I would have rushed my work and not have used up as much time as I could within my Photography course.

Outside of the college learning environment, I like to go out with my camera and photograph the things I love for fun. My photographs mostly consist of nature, which will lead me to go out to my local the woods and tale photographs of the trees and experiment with different angles and lighting environments. My favourite time of the year to take pictures would be Autumn as there are so many colours within the trees and the leaves on the floor, I find it truly beautiful and magical. I also love to take pictures of various different and colourful flowers, this lead me to taking a trip to Kew Gardens in London with some of my family members. I love that I am able to capture such beauty in the world.



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