Experimental Self Shoot

Here are my best four images that I have edited on Photoshop. The equipment I used was a tripod, camera, chair and Paige as my model. I used the woods as my background as I thought it would give the images a more eery feel to them. I changed my white balance and set it to shade and changed the aperture to be around F11/F16 and ISO to 100 to suit the lighting and setting I was in. So I made the ISO 100 to ensure a slower shutter speed. Also the aperture  must be smaller so the shutter speed has to be slower. Making the ISO slower also gave the images a lot of detail. I set my shutter speed to one second, I then got Paige to shake her head from side to side when the shutter was closed. In the third picture I moved the chair and repositioned the chair to try out a different angle, which I think was a good idea as it changed the picture up so they weren’t all the same. I think these images were really successful as I didn’t have to edit them much at all. In Photoshop I highlighted the images and changed them to black and white and then also turned the contrast all the way down and made the images slightly brighter.

In this image I gave Paige my phone and turned on the torch. I changed my shutter speed to about four seconds that way it gave her enough time to move the torch across the whole of her face. I didn’t have to change ant other camera settings as I didn’t move the chair and the natural lighting was the same. I then again didn’t Photoshop this image a lot at all, I only changed the image to black and white and then brightened the picture slightly and turned down the contrast a bit. I think this image was also successful as it went according to plan, I did everything I wanted to accomplish in this image. However, if I was to change anything about this image it would be making the torch more within her face range, as it seems to ‘go out the line’ of her face slightly. I would also make the quality of the ones a lot harsher, so it gives it a more violent effect which is what i’m going for.


Here is my Contact Sheet:





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