Self Shoot Plan 2

For this shoot I will be expanding my idea of defacement and improving my ideas. I will be using the same idea of having someone in the woods on a chair, but maybe use a school/work chair, so I’m incorporating the idea of work into my mages. Also I will have the person in uniform, I will be using a man and a woman, the man will be in a retail uniform and the woman will be in a smarter uniform for someone who works as a school teacher. I will also be using more equipment/props, such as someone holding an apple and shaking their head more violently, as it would be someone on their break eating their lunch and trying to relax but the stress is overwhelming them. I could also maybe have the woman holding a laptop and her slouched over skiing her head again so I’m still showing defacement. However this shows how school teachers are always sitting at a desk editing work on their computer either at work or at home. I’m trying to out across the idea that people in the work place aren’t treated as actual humans, as ‘customers’ or ‘students’ think they can talk to you with little respect and expect you to know everything and be able to do anything without any help. People get angry at you if you do the slightest thing wrong however they don’t take into consideration that out make mistakes sometimes as they treat most people in the work place as an object. I will have my images in black and white again and also will be set out in the forest/woods as i was to the eery feel alive.


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