Project Proposal

The project we have been set is all to do with ‘Self’. My ‘Self’ project will express how people inside the work place aren’t actually treated as human beings. This relates to me as I work in retail, so doing this lets me express how I am treated on a daily basis. This idea will show how, for example, customers expect you to know absolutely everything and be able to do the impossible. They also expect us to treat them with utter respect when they give us none at all, they degrade us and blame us for their mistakes, however, not all of them are like this. This shows how people in the work place, mostly retail, aren’t treated as people but objects that people let their anger out on who work really hard but the more important people get all the credit.

For this project I will be shooting all my images in the woods. I will use two models, one being a middle aged woman and the other being a young man. The woman works in a secondary school, and the young man works in retail. I will have them both in their work uniform, so the woman will be wearing smart clothing, which she would be expected to wear at work and the young man will be in his work uniform with his badge on. The equipment I will be using is a tripod, a camera, a school/work looking chair, a vintage looking chair, a torch for when I use light painting and two models.

During this shoot I will be using and learning new skills as I go along, such as experimenting with shutter speed a lot more than I have in the past enabling me to perfect it whilst shooting. This means I will have to become comfortable with my camera settings and be able to adjust them to the way I need it. The skills I need to learn for this project is being more experienced with Photoshop, as I need to feel confident when making adjustments to my images and to also be able to edit without any help. I will also need to learn how to confidentially use my camera settings, although I know how to use them, I feel that I need to be able to use them without any hesitation and being more intuitive.

For this project, I will have to spend some money on props, but not a lot as It will be quite cheap. I will be using two different chairs, one will be a school/work chair which I can buy from somewhere or someone. The vintage looking chair I can find in a charity shop, which will be very cheap to buy. For this whole project I won’t be needing to work around a budget as the equipment I need to buy won’t cost a lot.

When we started this project I had a rough idea of what the mood of my images would be, so I searched it up and look at various images. I managed to find one image that I instantly fell in love with and knew that I wanted to use its ideas in my work. Here is the image that I got my inspiration from:


Although, this is as far as I got with this image, as it didn’t have any description of who the artist was or when it was taken. However, this was also very helpful as then I was able to come up with my own meaning behind it, which then helped me to expand and express it into my work. For me, this image represents an office man who works day in and day out, it also shows how his job is very stressful which could explain the shaking of his head. The blurring of his face could also show how he has no identity, that he works for a huge company who is overlooked and never appreciated, how the owners of the company  and the people higher up from him are the only ones noticed. I am incorporating this idea into my own work as I am talking about people in the work place and how they are also overlooked and that most of them feel as if they don’t have any identity and how they may feel stressed and isolated, but have to remain calm and professional no matter what is thrown in their way.

I will meet the brief for this project by completing four shoots, all containing about ten to fifteen  images each. For the first shoot I will have the young man sitting on a work chair and the woman doing the same, both will be in their work uniform. I will have a slow shutter speed, which will be set to about two to three seconds, my ISO will be at 100 and my aperture will be around F11-F16. This will ensure that their faces will be blurry enough for the picture. I will then edit these images on photoshop, by making the images black and white and also to change the brightness and contrast (if it needs changing). For the second shoot, I will be only taking pictures of the young man, he will still be in his uniform, but the images will be close up on his face with his badge next to him. His face will still be blurred, I will use the same settings in this shoot. I will then also edit these image in photoshop, I will change the image to back and white, and again change the contrast and brightness if it needs changing. I will also be using the blur and smudge tool on the badge to cover up his name. In the third shoot I will be using both the woman and young man, but in these images I will be changing the shutter speed to around four seconds as I will be using light painting. The reason I’ll be using a slower shutter speed for this shoot is so they both have enough time to move the light harshly across their face. I will again be editing these images in photoshop, but changing the images to black and white and adjusting the brightness and contrast, again if they need changing. For the fourth shoot, I will utilise other Photoshop tools.

By the end of this project I am aiming to produce around thirty images, as I am investigating four techniques and taking about ten to fifteen images in each one. I am planning to present my work in a folder, but having the best images at the start and separating them with a black sheet of paper with a title on it. Also the folder will have a decorative front cover.

I think my project is a good idea for me to do, as I feel that it will challenge my abilities and allowing me to experiment with my camera settings and progress my photoshop skills which will help me in the future. My project will fulfil the brief and the meaning of ‘Self’ as I am using the idea of people in the work place, but mostly aiming it to people in retail as I work in retail, so I find it better that I can express myself through these images and this whole project. I will be able to go into depth when evaluating my images and talking about what my idea is as I have a personal connection with it as it means something to me. I am confident that I will be able to complete the briefs outlines, as I know what I’m doing and I’m planning ahead and thinking more and more about what I can add into my work and I’m still coming up with more ideas as I go along. I find the theme of my work very interesting, I feel passionate about it as I know I will be able to do a really good job of it and make it look really professional and be able to express and explain my ideas in depth. I think this project will be very successful, although it will challenge my Photography and Photoshop skills, I feel that I will be able to complete this project and be extremely happy with the outcome.





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