Self Shoot Plan 3

For this shoot I am going to be experimenting with my Photoshop skills. As this is only experimental I will be using one model, in whatever clothing they like. If this shoot is successful then I will expand more and use the two people I used in my previous shoot and have them in their uniform again. I will be going out into the woods again, with the same chair, however, instead of having her shake her head and use a slow shutter speed, I will be having her sit still, as I will then be using Photoshop to edit the image. In Photoshop I will experiment with the blur and smudge tool on the face only as I have done with all my previous images, to fit the running theme of defacement. I will then compare them and see which one was more successful than the other and explain why on another blog post. I will change angles of the way my model will sit and I may also change location within the woods, so I can also experiment with different lighting. I will be changing the images to black and white to fit the theme of the rest of them and I may also change the contrast and brightness, depending if it needs changing or not.


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