Evaluation of Open Evening

For open evening I set up a shoot in the big studio within college. On one side of the studio my group and I set up a portrait shoot, so we set up all the lighting and took pictures for some unit 10 work but also show and hopefully give future students a taste of what being in the studio is like. On the other side I set up a food photography shoot. I had two soft lights, a reflector and a spot light behind it to illuminate the white background to get rid of any unwanted shadows and creases in the backdrop. I then set up a table with white paper surrounding it. I placed my chopping board which was in the shape of an ore and added my fruit to it; I had two apples, two lemons, a plum and an orange. I flicked water over the fruit to give it a shine when taking the pictures, however with my shoot I set it up so people could come in and take the pictures themselves so they can see what the outcome is.

The things that I thought went well, was when I engaged with children and parents as I feel that I was able to give out valuable information and answer all their questions about the course so they were able to leave feeling satisfied and confident about what we offered within the two years spent here. I also think that I was able to engage with people well, as I believe that I made them feel welcome and gave them a chance to take some pictures themselves which I thought would give them a taste of what the course consisted of. Furthermore, another thing that I thought went well was the set up of both the shoots as they looked very professional. Within the side of the food photography shoot I was able to set up without any struggles, which made me feel confident and pleased as I then proved to myself that I knew what I was doing and had confidence about where and what equipment I needed. I knew where the lights had to be positioned and what brightness they had to be at and how I was going to set up the food and the angles that stye were going to be at.

However, throughout the night there were some improvements that I thought could have been made. Such as, I think the food photography should have been in the first half of the studio as throughout the evening the set up of the portrait shoot was slightly abandoned so it was quite dull and dim when people walked into the studio. For the amount of students we had in the studio and the amount of people talking to children and parents, it was slightly overcrowded. I think next time there should be fewer people in the studio as there were a lot of students wondering about as they had nothing to do as there were only two shoots set up. However, I think if we did have the same amount of people in the studio next time, they should either help out with the shoots more, or engage with parents and children as they walk in and share information about the course with them, or even stand by the door and let people know what is going on in the studio.

Overall, I think the evening was successful, as my group and I were able to give a lot of information out to people and answer any questions they had with valid answers. We also made the evening enjoyable to the public as they were able to interact with us throughout the night. They were able to have their questions answered but also have some fun by taking pictures of their own and seeing what the outcome was and what equipment we set up to achieve the images shown on the camera.


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