Evaluation of Unit 11

During the unit I have researched about education and employment. I have researched about universities, apprenticeships and internships. After all the research I have completed throughout the unit I have learnt that I would like to do an Internship in London after college. I have also completed four mind maps, two about education and two about employment, I liked the idea of this as it allowed me to expand my knowledge about where and what I could do in the future and how successful it may be. I have also researched about jobs that I could go into with a Photography qualification. During my research I realised that there are many varied jobs I could go into, such as being a freelance photographer or even going into criminology. Throughout the unit I have completed case studies, identified specifics so I could show what my strengths and weaknesses are. I have also completed my personal statement which I can use for future jobs or even an internship.

The things that I found most successful during this unit was being able to research and identify what and where I can go after college. This have given me the chance to find out how far I may have to travel and how much it will cost and how much money I could earn if I worked for different companies. Also, I was given some finance and job situations which allowed me to calculate how much I will have by the end of the year, I would have to minus all the necessities and mandatory things I would need or want throughout the year. For example, taking off rent which lead me to research how much it would cost for me and one other person; or find out how much accountancy fees would cost and how much it would cost so I could afford wifi and a TV contract. I enjoyed this part of the unit as it opened my eyes to what living in the adult world is like and how little or more money I would have to spend on things that I wanted. It also showed me how there are some things that I don’t necessarily need to live well.

However, there were a few things that I thought were quite difficult or that I found challenging throughout unit 11. These things were having to write a personal statement. The reason I found this challenging was because I didn’t know where to start and what to write as I wasn’t going to university. I confided in a  class mate and found that I could talk more about what I do inside college and what I enjoyed most about it and where I was thinking about going and doing after college. Also, throughout this unit I found it more difficult to concentrate rather than when I was working on my unit 10. I found that I had this problem because I didn’t enjoy it as much, due to the amount of research and writing we had to do during the unit.

Although I may have struggled more in this unit that my unit 10, I have realised that doing all this research and writing had opened my eyes to different opportunities and career options. I found that if I I only earn certain amount of money a month or only work part time; that I can still live well and have the things I need such as a bed or having food to last the month. So all in all, I think this unit has been quite successful as it has expanded my knowledge of what jobs and education I can go into with a photography qualification.



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