Fill Flash Evaluation

For this experimental shoot, we used fill flash. We placed the flash gun onto our cameras and set the shutter speed of the fill flash to 1/125 of a second. We also set our focal length of our camera to match the fill flash which was 24mm. We experimented with the flash and used the tuning stalls which dictate how strong the flash is going to be, so to make sure the flash was at the right brightness for our images. As we wanted the flash to look natural rather than staged and fake. We went around the college and experimented with different surroundings and changed the strength of the fill flash as we went along. I took about thirty images, all have different lighting and most of the time I kept the fill flash at the same brightness and shutter speed as it didn’t need to be chained. The things that didn’t work, was sometimes when taking pictures the flash wouldn’t go off as it kept undoing as I wasn’t used to having it on my camera and the fact that it was quite heavy to carry around. The pictures turned out quite well, however, some were slightly over exposed but overall the images turned out well. I can use fill flash in my own work for my self project. I can do this in the close up shots where the face is blurred by the badge is sharp so i can blur just the name and company in photoshop. This way my pictures will look more professional and will let me expand my work as I am showing that I can put class work and research into my own project.


For this shoot we were inspired by Martin Parr, he took some pictures of people ‘off guard’ and some of people posing whilst using fill flash. My group and I then went out and we took pictures of ourselves, however some posed for the picture but others I did try and catch people ‘off guard’ to my best ability so I could show hat I have used his work in mine. I think in some of his pictures the fill flash doesn’t look so natural, especially in this photo:


The reason I think the fill flash looks too fake and unnatural is because the tuning stall was too high so the flash was too bright. It also didn’t help that the natural lighting was already bright, as you can see in the background that there are blue skies, and by their clothing it seemed to be hot and that the sun was out. So the mix of natural lighting and the fill flash then over exposed the picture slightly, which then gave the picture harsher shadows. However, this may have been what Parr was going for, but in my opinion the fill flash was too much. What I would do differently  in this picture, is having a smaller focal length, so it spreads the flash more to make the lighting more even, so it would hit more around the outside where the lady is lying and around the mans shoes.

Here is what I produced for fill flash:

My best outcomes I think were my last four images as they all have different brightness, so they show that I have experimented with the fill flash throughout the shoot. Also I think the fourth picture at the start is one of my best as the fill flash does look natural, so it shows that I have successfully used fill flash in this shoot and knew what I was doing and how to use it. For next time I think I should use the tuning stalls more and experiment with lots of different lighting and locations so I can expand my knowledge more on fill flash. Doing this could also help me take some better pictures for my ‘self’ project.





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