Flower Pot Community Project

For this shoot I will be providing pictures for our harlow town plant pots. I went out and photographed the different angles and viewpoints of the giant plant pots so I know the scale of the image what the proportion would be on the plant pot. I have to pick four images that  relate, for example to harlow town, the college or day to day life. My idea is to have images that show meaning of harlow college, the town and the town park. These images will consist of a picture of the big clock , with the clock house underneath, a picture of the harlow college sign and a picture of the town park. I will then edit the images in photoshop depending if they need any changes. If the weather is poor when I take the images, I will try my best to edit them and make it look sunny and clear by choosing a relevant white balance, which will allow me to accentuate the colours. After our images have been produced and edited then Harlow Council will view the images, and either laminate them or use some other form to present them on the plant pots.

Here are the different angles that I shot:


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