Work application

  • NHS Medical Photographer

The hours set would be 37.5 hours per week

Doing this I may be able to develop my career further and apply for vacancies in areas such as further specialisation, management, research, or teaching.

To qualify as a clinical photographer I’ll need a degree in photography and a postgraduate certificate in clinical photography. If I have a degree in photography, I can apply for a post as a trainee clinical photographer.

The location range between London, Sheffield and Norwich.

  • Photographer for The Nation Trust

Earning £6.85 per hour as an assistant, however as a manager I could get about £21,667 per year.

Develop my career, could potentially lead to a permanent job if they enjoy my work, however it would also be used to gain experience.

To qualify I would need to be a fully qualified photographer and have a full license to be able to tae pictures and use them commercially.

  • Studio Photographer in New York

The qualifications I would need is to have had professional experience in a commercial photography studio.  Also I should have a professional photography portfolio that demonstrates a working knowledge of digital photography, including: lighting, composition, color quality, and aesthetics.

It would be full time hours 5 days a week.

Location is in NYC, would have to make lifestyle changes in order to go through with the job, however, it can be done.



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