Experimental Shoot 4

For this shoot, I went out to my local woods. I took the same chai I have used in previous shoots and used Paige as my model. I didn’t bring my tripod as I wasn’t using the shutter speed to blur her face as I was editing it all on Photoshop using the blur and smudge tool. I sat her down on the chair, got her to sit diagonally with the chair but have her face towards me. I then had her cross her legs and have her hands on her lap. I took various shots, some close up with just her face in the shot, however, most of them showed the whole of her body in them. After I had finished taking pictures, I then went into college the next day and started to edit them. I only edited two pictures as I thought they were my best ones. I first used the blur tool all over Paige’s face, after I had done that I then went in and used the smudge tool, I made it so her face was unrecognisable, which is what I was going for. I then changed them to black and white and upped some of the colours, which changed the brightness on some parts of her body. I also put the brightness up slightly and turned the contrast all the way down on both images. I think this shoot was very successful as I was able to get my camera to the right settings quickly and easily. Also, I liked the way that paige was positioned and I enjoyed getting shots at different angles. The leaves on the floor was a nice addition to the photographs as well.

Here are my best images:

Here is my contact sheet containing all the images I shot:



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