Final Shoot Plan

For my final shoot for my self project I will be perfecting and finalising all my experimental shoots. Before I start my shoot, I will be going around charity shops in town and maybe in Epping, to look for an old fashioned wooden chair, as my models will be sitting on it. Once I have bought the chair, I will then go and set up my shoot in my local woods. I have four separate shoots to do, three of them will be in the woods and the last one will be against a white wall. For the first shoot I will be having a young man and woman in there work uniform sitting on the old fashion chair in the woods. I will be using shutter speed to blur their face in this shoot. The shutter speed will be slow, which i’ll set to about two or three seconds, my aperture will be at F11-F16 and my ISO will be set to 100. This will give me the desired blur to my models faces. In my second shoot I will, again be using my two models, however I will be suing light painting to blur their faces instead. My shutter speed will be around four seconds so the models have enough time to move the light across their faces. My third shoot will consist only the male model against a white background. I’ll be zooming on on his face with his badge ned to hi. Again, I will be suing shutter speed to blur his face, however I will also be using my flash. Using the flash on my camera will allow me to freeze the badge so it is in focus so once the flash has gone off i will get the model to move it away then shake his head. This will then give me the effect of the badge being in focus but the added image of it being blurred. For my  fourth and final shoot I will have both my models sitting on the chair in the woods, however, i will be using the blur and smudge tool on Photoshop to blur their faces.

The equipment I will need is a tripod to hold my camera so I don’t have any camera blur when using my shutter speed technique. An old fashioned chair for my models to sit on. A torch for when I am using the technique of light painting and two models, the woman works in a secondary school and the man works in retail.


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