Black and White Name

For this shoot I used a medium format camera. I was told to photograph the letters in my name, in natural and non-natural forms. As mine name is fairly long I decided to just do my nickname ‘meli’. I set up the camera by placing my black and white film inside. I then got my light meter and I went out to shoot. I got my non-natural forms from posters and any kind of letterings I could manage to find. After that I then went on to find my natural forms. I then rolled my film to the end and took it out of the camera, as I then had to develop it and contact print my negatives.

I went into the dark room and had to put my film onto a coil in the pitch black dark. This was a difficult process as there was a lot of trial and error. I managed to get it on, I then placed my film which was on the coil into a light tight box. I then poured in my chemicals. They were the developer, stop and fix. I left the developer in for 9 minutes, agitating it every minute for 20 seconds. Once the 9 minutes were up I then put the stop in for 1 minute and agitated it for the full amount of time. Then it was the fixer which was in there for 10 minutes, agitating every 3 minutes for 20 seconds until the 10 minutes was up. After I then took out my film and placed it in water for 10-20 minutes to let any chemicals wash away. I then hung it up to dry in the dryer for an hour.

I then had to contact print my negatives. This process was also very difficult as I had to do test strips to find out how long I should expose my negatives to the photographic paper for. I did this in the dark room with the red light on during the process. Once I had figured out what exposure to use I placed my negatives out on top of the photographic paper and exposed it for the right amount of time. I then placed my photographic paper into the developer for 2 minutes, then into the stop for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then into the fixer for 5 minutes and lastly into water. I then wiped off any excess water with my fingers and put it through the dryer.

After this was all done, I then had to present it in my own way. I chose to stick my letter onto card and then add it to a separate bit of paper and spell out ‘mdli’. I would do this by having an M and I in natural forms and the E and L in non-natural forms.

Here are my contact prints and my presented work:

Contact prints:










My final work:

I chose to present it with my eagle necklace, as it is one of my prize possessions, I wear it on every occasion. I also found that it looked very native american, which is what I also love, mostly because some of my family are part of a native tribe.



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