Angles of View

For this experiment I was using different angles and zooms. I had to have three items, one head size, one body size and one building size. For the first shot I used my converse, I zoomed all the way on my camera and moved myself back until my shoe was in the shot, I then took then picture, zoomed out slightly and moved forward until my shoe was in the exact same position on my view finder, I did the same again but fully zoomed out and the shoe in the exact same spot. This then showed that the shoe didn’t move but the background was different as it was zoomed in and out. I did the same for my body shot which was a picture of Paige outside and for my building I used the side of the brick wall which was in focus and the background was blurred. When taking pictures of my shoe I changed my white balance to fluorescent light and for the other two I changed it to sunny.

Here is what I produced:



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