Triptych Resolution Experiment

During this experiment I opened up one of my triptychs that I took over the christmas holidays. The triptych was a photograph of the love lock bridge in paris. I was told to make the size of my image to A1 format, so once I had opened up my image into Photoshop, I then went onto image size and changed the width to 840 millimetres and the length to 594 millimetres and kept the resolution at 300, this then gave me the size for A1. I then went onto the crop tool and changed the ratio to the size of an A4 size, which was 210 by 297. Once I had got the correct sizing I then sized the crop tool down so the dimensions were 210 by 297, I then picked a part of my image that I wanted to print out. Once I printed out the section of my photograph, i then placed it onto the wall. First of all I stood one meter away, the resolution was poor was I could see the details of how it was blurred, slightly stretched and pixilated. I then stood two meters away from my image, the quality was slightly better as I couldn’t see all the intricate details of the resolution and pixilation, however it was still poor quality. Doing this experiment allowed me to experiment with image sizing and also to get a rough guess of what my final image size should be. Also for our final images, the resolution will be different and the sizing will be correct so there won’t be any pixilation and the resolution will be of good quality.


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