Project Proposal

This unit is based around the history of Harlow within the last 70 years and incorporating triptychs into our work. I started off this unit by doing a 1500 word research piece on the history of Harlow, which included a map of Harlow in the 1980’s. I looked at how the buildings have formed and changed over the years and how the population has increased and decreased. Throughout this unit I have to complete four experimental triptychs of my choice as long as it incorporates Harlow in the images, and two final triptychs. In each one of these triptychs, we have to have a person in the view looking into the camera, however they don’t have to be the main focus of the image. Within this unit there is a lot of Photoshop skills that are required, so throughout the unit, I’ll be developing my Photoshop skills by using other images and editing them, such as refining edges, cropping images and pasting but then making that image look more realistic on the new background. One of the Photoshop lessons was quite interesting as I had to paint black strokes onto a piece of paper, I had to make sure that the paint didn’t go to the edge of the paper. I then picked out one of my own images and take a pictures of the black paint strokes on the paper. I had to open them both up into Photoshop and make the black paint the background and put the image that I took on top of it, but making it so my image didn’t have ay edges as it was merged into the black paint. In the end the black paint wasn’t visible it was just my image with the outline of the paint strokes.

The four experimental triptychs can be anything we like as long as it incorporates Harlow  and includes one person looking into the camera. My idea for my triptychs is to use three different eras, which will be the 30’s, 50’s and the 80’s. For my first triptych I will be using patterns, the first image will be a familiar pattern from the 30’s, such as a feathered pattern. The second image I will have a person standing in a popular place in Harlow, such as the water gardens by the fountains, I will have a thought bubble coming from them and have a 50’s pattern such as polka dots. The third image will have a pattern from the 80’s such as, an ombre effect of neon colours. For my second experimental triptych I will be using different filters from the eras. For this triptych I will be having a person in each image reading a newspaper, however in the second image I will have the person looking up from the newspaper and looking into the lens. For the first image I will be using a black and white filter to represent the 30’s, for the second image I will be using a sepia filter to represent the 50’s and lastly for the 80’s i’ll be using a coloured picture however I will be making the picture brighter and making the picture have a lot of contrast. For my third and fourth triptychs I have chosen to take photographs of two different locations in Harlow and try to make them look like what they did before they closed down. The two places I have chosen are the old Specsavers and the old Harlow ‘Odeon’ which is now closed. What I will do is gather images off of the internet of the original places and use Photoshop to make it look like the original, for example, I will get signs and use the doors off the internet from the odeon when it was open and put them onto the closed down odeon to show the old and the new. For Specsavers I will do the same but get images for the windows and doors as the closed down Specsavers has shutters on so I will want to cover the shutters with images from the old Specsavers when it was open, again to show the old and the new. Once I complete them both, I will change them into triptychs and evaluate them on the same blog post as I will have used similar techniques but will use different tools in each one.

For my final two triptychs I have chosen to use filters and patterns from the eras. I will be mostly shooting on location as studio work will not be needed. For both of my final triptychs I will need my model to be dressed in the suitable clothing for the eras as it will help my viewers understand which era is which and to make my images look more interesting and professional. I will need a model to star in my images, I will also need the correct clothing for my model to wear, which won’t cost anything as I already have the available clothing choices due to family members growing up in the 80’s and also fancy dress items for the 30’s and 50’s. For my first triptych which includes using different filters, I will have my model standing by the sink in my house. In the first image she will be dressed in early 30’s woman’s attire, she will have washing up gloves on and be facing the sink. In the second image she will be dressed in 50’s attire and facing the camera with washing up utensiles in both her hands. In the third image she will be doing the same actions as the first but she will be in 80’s attire. The filters I will be using are black and white for the first image, sepia for the second and bright bold colours for the third. However this triptych doesn’t include an image of Harlow, so I have chosen to put an old image of the Harlow bus station in the background of my triptych so it allows me to answer and follow the brief that was set. For my second triptych I will be using different patterns for the eras. For my first image I will have a familiar pattern from the 30’s such as a feathered pattern, for the second image I will have my model standing in front of the statue that is next to the playhouse in Harlow, she will be dressed in 50’s attire, there will then be a though bubble coming from her with a familiar pattern from the 50’s such as polka dots inside the bubble and finally the last image will be a familiar pattern from the 80’s such as bright ombré neon colours, very similar to my experimental images. My Photoshop skills should also be developed and expanded enough for these final images as my experimental shoots should help me, as i’ll need to edit and crop my second triptych which requires me to add in patterns and thought bubbles and scale the thought bubble next to my model. I again will have the same old image of the Harlow bus station in the background of this triptych as it will allow me to answer the brief. Once I have finished everything I will need to present my work in any way I like, the brief has set me to print them out to A2 size. However, I will do some experimental A4 mockups of my two triptychs to see if the resolution needs changing and if anything needs to be added or adjusted before printing it out to A2 size.



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