Harlow Scene Triptychs (experimental shoots 1&2)

For this shoot, I went outside of college and went into town. I walked all the way around and took pictures of various places, such as the old Odeon and Specsavers. I took photographs of these shut down places and then went and edited them in photoshop. First of all I opened up my image of the Odeon and had a look at what I could add or change. I then searched up on the internet images of the Odeon that was previously there. I saved the image and opened it up into photoshop. My thoughts were to add in the Odeon sign and use the doors, so I went onto the image that I had gotten off of the internet and cropped out the sections that I wanted and moved them over to my image. I then resized the cropped sections to make them fit in the picture. I then had another look at the internet image and decided to use the film showing titles, so I cropped it out, moved it over and resized it to fit. I then had to make it the image look even older, do achieve this I made the image black and white. For each section that I moved over to my original image, I made sure to blur out the edges of each one to make it blend in more with the imagoes make it look more realistic. Once I had finished I had to make it into a triptych which meant splitting the image into three parts. So I added in two lines evenly across my image.

After I had completed my first triptych I moved onto my second. For this triptych I used the old Specsavers. I opened up my original image of Specsavers which had the shutters down. I then thought about doing the similar thing as I did with the Odeon. So I searched online for Harlow Specsavers and got a perfect image that I could use. I then opened it up into photoshop. I cropped out the windows and the windows only and then moved them over and resized and cropped it to fit he image. I then searched up for glass double doors and repeated the same steps again. For the sign I again got off of the internet. I only moved it over rather than cropping it to size first as it had a white rectangular boarder around it, which is what the previous Specsavers sign looked like. However, after looking at it I decided to use the rubber tool and erase the white boarder. Once I had done that it looked much better as it blended in a lot more with my image. I again changed the photo to black and white to make it seem more old fashioned. I again had to make it into triptych so I repeated the same steps as my image of the Odeon.

Here is my contact sheet:


Here is what I achieved:



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