Liquid Emulsion

For this experiment, I went up into the art department. I got an A2 piece of card and paper and cut them into four pieces of A4 size. I then got a paint brush and used black paint to create strokes across the paper without going to the edges. Once I had created four pieces of work I then took pictures of each piece. I then opened each one up into photoshop. I clicked on the image and changed the levels, for my first one I made it darker but had a purple tint, I did the same thing for my other three pieces. For my last one I made the right hand corner slightly brighter. I then opened up three images of my own and one I found off the internet. I moved the painted work over to my photo. I scaled it to fit the size of the photo, I then selected the whole thing and double clicked on the painted layer, i then changed it to ‘screen’, this then made the photo fit in the painted image. It looked like this :

For the last image I picked out a painted piece without fading edges as I wanted to see what it would look like with a different texture as the other three were very similar. This experiment was very successful as I was able to complete my work to a high standard but I also learnt a lot more about photoshop and who to use more tools and where to use them.


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