Harlow Triptych Presentation


For this experiment, we had to research garden fences, however we had to include our Harlow triptychs in the photo. I opened up my triptych in photoshop and the fence in photoshop. I then had to find a hanging tool so my triptych could give the impression of it hanging on the fence. To add decoration and make it look more professional I then thought about putting the triptych in a frame. I made sure that the image size would fit A4 as we were set to do that. I then sized, cropped and placed all my images to fit together. Once I had done that I cropped the top of the fence off where it shows the sky as I replaced it with a science of Harlow, I chose the Clock House to be the background. Due to the brief recently being updated, I have been told to change my triptych and place a person into the triptych, making sure they are looking into the camera. I did this by changing my scene to the local Harlow bus station and had Paige stand to the right side of the station. I then used the refine edge tool to make her blend with the background better and to make her stand our slightly more than the background. Here is my updated triptych on the fence:


I then printed it off and had two peers review and make comments on my work. Here is what they said:


Paige: What i like most about this image is the fact she has put  lot of effort into editing the image as she has thought about putting the clock houser in the background to make it seem more realistic. I also  like the triptych itself as it is a true representation of Harlow. What i feel could be improved with this image is the lines of the triptych itself as they do not look even.

Connor: I really like this image as it really tells you everything about harlow. I think it really fits well into the screen and really takes a picture at the heart of the harlow town. I don’t like the concept as it really has nothing to do with 70 years of harlow apart from the ageing of the city. I love the image not the concept.


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