Garden Fences

Some people have solid fences, this may symbolise how people either like their privacy, or are being passive aggressive by pointing out that they don’t want to share anything or have them in their space whatsoever. However, some people have picket fences which are lot more open, this could show how they are more friendly with their neighbours and they like to be involved with new people who live within their vicinity. I found a site in which people were asking what the boundary height of their fence can be or people asking for advice on how to ask their neighbours to repair their fences. There are also questions asking if they can hang things on their neighbours fences, when they could easily ask their neighbour if they could do this rather than going through the internet, this could potentially lead to heated arguments between neighbours as the internet could say its fine to hang things on your neighbours fence however, your neighbour may not want things hung on their fence. This shows how people are going through the internet, rather than talking to their neighbours face to face to resolve their issues with each other. It also shows how people are quite passive aggressive towards their neighbours by making their fences higher and using solid fences to block out their neighbours. However, many years ago, people used to be close to their neighbours, they had picket fences, which made people feel welcome in the neighbourhood rather than blocked out.


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