Gossip Over the Fence

For this research, I found an article which stated that 72% of people could not talk to their neighbours with confidence. I found that Londoners have the unfriendliest neighbours, due to their neighbours making too much noise arguments because of pets. A lot of people turn to the internet to rant or ask for advice rather than talking to their neighbour face to face to sort out their quarrels. I found this statement from an article “Whilst borrowing a “cup of sugar” used to be one way of meeting new neighbours, the survey found residents today were most likely to meet under bad terms, complaining about parking (31 per cent), noise (26 per cent) or rubbish (24 per cent).” However, back when my generation was younger, neighbours used to be a lot more friendly, as social media and technology wasn’t around, so people had to talk face to face with each other to share information or ‘gossip’ to one another. Whereas now technology had evolved people use that to be passive aggressive to each other rather than sort out their issues together, as they now like to get other people involved to be more dramatic and exaggerate their stories to get attention. People nowadays are more reluctant to talk to their neighbours as they find it easier to se the internet a you don’t have to show your identity online so people find it easier to hide online rather than face their problems.


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