Summary of Harlow Museum

My class and I visited the Harlow Museum, which was about a 30 minute walk from our college. When we first got to the museum, we had one of the staff give us a brief explanation of the museum and the different sections and what they have to show. We were then free to explore and gather information in the museum about harlow. They had lots of archives which gave us a lot of information and pictures of what Harlow was like and how it as evolved through the years. We were able to look at newspapers from the 1960’s which was very interesting to see how different the newspapers looked and what the front page news was. There were also images of places around Harlow, such as our local bus station, and Harlow college, which was originally a farm. I found this very interesting as I was able to see the differences between now and then. I took various images of some of the places round Harlow that I found in their archives, which will allow me to apply this into my work, as I could use one of the images as the background to my triptychs. I left the museum with more knowledge and understanding of harlow and also found how I could apply some of the information I found into my work.


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