Colour Restoring

For this task I had to change four black and white images and add colour back into the image. I did this by going onto the tube which has all of our tasks on, I opened up the colour reference picture into to photoshop which is where I got all of my colours from. I then opened up the two practice images, and later on I had to pick out two images that I took from the Harlow museum. I firstly opened up my black and white image ad decided what colours I wanted. I then went onto the colour reference picture and clicked on the paint brush tool, I then right clicked and picked a colour. I then went back not my colour reference picture ad changed the brush from ‘normal’ to ‘colour’ which would make the colour more faded so I could see the image I was painting on, rather than having a block colour. I continued this for the rest of my four images. This task was very successful as I was able to change all four black and white images back into colour by using the techniques I was shown. I also allowed me to develop my photoshop skills further which will help me in the long run as I will need to edit my final images for my triptychs in photoshop.

Here is what I produced:

These two images were the practice images I was given to start out with, it allowed me to get a rough idea of what I was doing and so I was more confident when editing my two Harlow museum images. For the first image I decided to practice with lots of different colours hence the colourful pots, whereas the second image I chose to do more serious and realistic colours so I was more prepared for my harlow museum images.

These are my two Harlow museum images, the first one is the Harlowbury chapel, I chose to edit this image as there is a lot of greenery and I liked the colour of the bricks in the castle image which is the same colour I then chose to do the bricks on the Harlowbury chapel. The second image is the Harlow bus station, this image was harder to do as the quality and resolution was poor. When recolouring the buses I had to guess what the front of the buses looked like as it was all backed out, however all in all I think both image came out quite well.




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