Calibration Report

There are many different types of calibration, most of which we use on a daily basis. For example when we need to calibrate our TV remotes to our TV or when we use a self checkout machine at a supermarket, as they use calibration to measure the weight of your item or when they give you change.

In groups of four, we were told to research different types of calibration. We had to find 5 types of phrases or words that describe calibration.

We came up with these:

  1. Check
  2. Processing
  3. Adjust
  4. Positioning
  5. Connection

We then switched groups and thought about the types of people who would use calibration.

Here is what we came up with:

  1. Guitarists: the notes they play would tune/calibrate to sound how the composer expected it to sound
  2. Brick manufacturer as they calibrate the machines to produce a brick of the right size and weight
  3. Photographer uses calibration to calibrate screens that they’re working on
  4. people buying food as they are buying calibrated merchandise
  5. Lorry driver as their fuel is calibrated

After the group task we had to go off separately and research calibration and what it means. I found a definition online which read “the action or process of calibrating something. The measuring devices require calibration.  Also each of a set of graduations on an instrument. Calibration gives us consistency for successful planning and implementation of processes. An example of calibration is an electronic device such as a nintendo DS. The nintendo DS already has its own calibration setting, however from time to time you have to re-calibrate it as it changes over time, which causes repetition. Calibration can be used in the process of black and white film/images. We have to use it when we develop our film as we need to know the exact measurements of water and chemicals and how much to pour in to our light tight box. Trademark companies also need to calibrate such as a clothing line, as they need to make sure the clothing are all the exact same size weight and colour. However some trademark companies don’t do this which causes the clothes to be a different shape and size as others and the colours may differ from each other as well. Another example would be with weights, such as a brick manufacturer as they will have to know the exact weight of each brick, size and colour so they know how many bricks will need to load e.g. in a lorry and then how many lorries they will need to carry the load of bricks.


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