Experimental Shoot 3

For this shoot, I have chosen to do filters as I have said in my proposal. I have changed my idea slightly as I was going to have my model reading a newspaper, however I thought the newspaper would cover her face too much and also wouldn’t suit the ‘eras’ as in the 30’s all the way to the 80’s woman didn’t rad newspapers, they would be seen reading books or magazines. So I thought having her read a book would be more suitable. For this shoot I had her sit on an old fashioned chair, with a book and my cat on her lap. I chose not to have the front cover of the book in the shot as it was a book that ca,e out in the early 2000’s so it wouldn’t have suited my images. So I decided that she should aim it downwards slightly so it was out of the shot but still looked like she was reading the book. I had my cat lay relaxingly on her lap as I thought it would give the image a more homely feel as cats were a very feminine animal for the era’s I have shown, also I thought it would add a slight bit of humour to the images. The first image is black and white to represent the 30’s, I changed the contrast so it was all the way down which gave it more of a soft tone, and then I brightened the image to give it more light. The second is to show the 50’s, I first changed the image to black and white, I then cocked onto the filter tool and changed the contest and colours in the image which gave it the sepia effect. The third image is to represent the 80’s, I made the image brighter and I exaggerated the colours and upping the contrast which gave it a more bright and bold look. As it was an experimental image I didn’t add a picture of harlow into my background as I feel I didn’t need to, however I did have my model looking into the camera in the second image as it was said in the brief. I chose to have her looking into the camera in the second image as it was central, which then made the first and last image symmetrical, which I felt made it look neat and more professional.



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