Harlow Scene Resolution

For this task, I had to test the resolution of my camera lens at a certain distance. I have done a similar test with a magazine sudoku. However the time I had to shoot a Harlow scene and use the best and worse resolution that I tested with the sudoku. I only needed to choose one distance, so I chose to have my lens at 35mm. I captured a a shot of Harlow college, I shot it out of a window, howeverI had to make are that the widow was wide open otherwise I would have gotten a reflection in the image from the window.

Here is my contact sheet showing the different between the two resolutions:


The two images below show the best and worst resolution of my camera. The best resolution is the image with an aperture of F8 as it is a lot clearer than the image with an aperture of F22 as it is crisper and has a lot more detail in the image, whereas the image of F22 is a lot more blurry and you can’t see a lot of detail in the image.

35 mm f8

35mm f22

This image shows a close up of the bottom right hand corner of both the images. The first image shows the aperture F8 and the second uses F22. In the first image you can see that the colours are more vibrant and the image is clear. You can see more detail than the second image as the resolution is poor in the image that uses F22. To do this I opened up both the images in photoshop. I zoomed in on both of them to 100% so I could get an accurate reading. I then used the crop tool and outlined the same part of both images. This experiment is very similar to one I had done before, so doing this was very easy as I knew what I was doing and knew how to compare them and see the differences. I set my camera up on a tripod so I didn’t give it any camera shake, to prevent this further I putty camera on a timer of two seconds.

35 mm f8 bottom right35mm f22 bottom right

These images are cropped in the middle, as you can see again the colours are fairly different as the first image with an aperture of F8 has brighter colours and the image is crisp compared to the second image with an aperture with F22 which is a lot less crisp and the colours are mrs faded. The second image is also quite dull and the detailing of the brick work is a lot blurrier than the first image that uses F8 as it has more detailing in the brick work. The shadowing is also better in the image that uses F8 than the image that uses F22 as it has a softer tone so the shadows aren’t as sharp and clear.

35 mm f8 middle35mm f22 middle


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