Experimental Shoot 4

For this shoot I experimented with using patterns from each of the eras. For the first images on the left I used a pattern from the 30’s, the middle image inside of the thought bubble is a pattern from the 50’s and the final image on the right is a pattern from the 80’s. I didn’t match the patterns to look neat as it is only an experimental shoot and I only wanted a rough idea of what I was going to do for my final triptych. In the first image the flowers were originally green, however I wanted to give it more of a pale pink colour, so I changed it in photoshop. I then picked out polka dots for the 50’s, I had to put the pattern and the thought bubble onto a separate page in photoshop. I then had to put the the pattern on top of the bubble but change its opacity to 50% so I could use the rubber tool so it would fit inside of the thought bubble. I then grouped both the images together and placed them into my triptych. For the final image I wanted to beta  crazy colourful pattern to match the 80’s, I made sure that the colours were bold and bright so it was clear it was from the 80’s. I had my model stand in front of the Harlow bus station, which allowed me to answer the brief as she was in recognisable place in Harlow and she was also looking into the camera.

Here is what I produced:



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