Project Proposal


The title for my FMP is called ‘Expressive Graffiti.’ I have chosen this as my title as I will be researching and finding out how people use graffiti in the way they express themselves, either as a delinquent purpose or to showcase art. My specialisms are being able to use a short depth of field, by making the subject that is up close in focus and the background out of focus. Another one of my specialisms is using certain tools in Photoshop, such as changing colours of the image, enhancing the main parts of the image by making the colours stand out more or making the main subject in colour and the rest in black and white. My major specialism would be using different angles of view, for example, instead of taking a picture from the front of a subject, I would go to the side and have the close up image in focus and anything behind it would be burred out, I feel this makes the image a lot more interesting and I can get a much better perspective of what I want to photograph.

This proposal, in my opinion doesn’t exactly relate to any other piece of work I have done previously, as this is the last unit I will be doing, so I wanted to make sure that it was completely different to what I have already done. This way I can come up with different ideas and how I will overcome the difficulties that I may face throughout the unit, I can also look back on previous work and reference to some depth of field work and also working with Photoshop techniques that I have used in the past. However, there are some similar aspects such as having to compare pieces of work and talk about the differences and similarities. Also, having to research photographs or artists, similar to one of my previous units I will have a little known artist that I will talk about, but I will also have a famous named photographer to research about as well.

My work will be aimed at an audience that are aged between thirteen to either early or mid twenty year olds. I have chosen this kind of audience, as my idea is graffiti, so in my opinion they are still trying to find themselves or are at a delinquent age where they want to rebel against their parents or people with higher authority.

I will carry out six pieces of research, three will be about artists who do graffiti, the next two will be about photographers who photograph the graffiti who are well known and the last piece will be about a photographer who I am inspired by. Throughout these pieces of research I will show the technical side of their work and also the conceptual side so I can show how my work is in relation to theirs. For my primary research I will try to find a place where the named artist showcases their work, in which I may be able to find out information about them and the reasoning behind their work. Before going out and finding graffiti, I will do some computer based research to find out the locations of the graffiti and the name of the person I will be researching, this way I am more prepared for what I will be photographing and what information I should come away with. My secondary research will be computer based about the photographer, which again I will be able to find out the reason why they photograph graffiti and what draws them in. I also hope to find images of what they have photographed and where they have taken the images, as if it is local I may be able to visit the graffiti and photograph them myself. I will also research the current issues about graffiti, as in some places graffiti is seen as art work, where it isn’t seen as a delinquent act, however there are other places where it is frowned upon in which you can get punished for if you are caught.

I will experiment with a few processes, such as changing the colour balance on my images, by making the colours brighter and stand out. I will also, in one of my experimental shoots, change it so the main bit of graffiti is in colour and the rest is in black and white, I feel that this will catch people’s attention. I will also experiment with depth of field, both wide and short to have a range of experiments, this way I can compare them both and chose which depth of field I prefer more. I will also experiment in doing my own graffiti and Photoshopping it onto a background in which I will photograph. I will also be doing a 3D shoot where I will take photos of graffiti, print it out and then add objects to it. I’ll also experiment with different forms of black and white in Photoshop, as I can change the tonal range of the images. Within previous projects, I have used depth of field quite a fair bit, for example in my first year of college I had a class trip to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens where I photographed plants and flowers, I had the flower up close and in focus and then the rest of the background is blurred, I was even able to get an image of a yellow flower with a bee on. Using depth of field so early on has allowed me to feel confident on how to use it and how to express it within my images.

I have also been on recent trip to Iceland with the college. This allowed me to get a lot of images of graffiti. The towns were covered in beautiful pieces, some were seen as ‘rebellious’ types of graffiti but the majority were very artistic. I will use the images from Iceland as a separate experimental shoot. I will use this experimental shoot as a thought process into what I could achieve. There is also one certain image that I shot and edited in Iceland, which I plan to use as one of my final images to showcase as it expresses the meaning behind what I’m trying to get across in this unit. The images have a range of differences between them. I will take the best images out of the photos I took and talk about them separately in the same blog post.

Graffiti isn’t a massive issue in society today, as to a lot of people and the government there are more important issues that need to be dealt with. However, graffiti is still seen as a delinquent act or an act of defiance. Graffiti is illegal, however it depends on how much or what content is being graffitied and where it is, as if it is being showcased and has been approved by the towns government or council then it wouldn’t be illegal. Graffiti is still a taboo subject, as people see it as someone rebelling against the authorities and going against societies norms and values in which we should all behave in a respectable way. When people then act out of the norms and values it is classed as defiance, in which people would then get in trouble, leading to consequences such as, community service, having to pay a fine or even having to clean/paint over the graffiti.

The main artist I have chosen to research is Banksy, as he/she expresses art and his/her feelings through graffiti. Banksy has no identity and leaves controversial pieces in and around London. His/her work is very detailed, however, his/her most famous pieces are silhouettes with one block colour. I like his/her work as it is very simple but gets a strong message across to a range of audiences. I am yet to find a photographer to research and find out about. However, I am looking for a person who finds photographing graffiti quite personal and looks at the meanings behind the graffiti.

The difficulties I may face could be travel costs, as I will need to travel to London in order to capture Banksy pieces and just graffiti in general. I may find some interesting pieces around Harlow where I live, as there are people who like to rebel and graffiti random pieces around the town and in secluded areas. In order for me to see bigger and better pieces I will need to go to London, which also means it will take a lot of time to get there and back so I will need to have very good time management in order to complete the tasks I have set myself. I will overcome these difficulties by making sure I have enough money to get to and from London, for example, seeing how much train tickets will cost me and how often I will need to get to London throughout this unit. With my time management, I will have to make sure I am up and out early in the morning in order to give myself the whole day to complete photo shoots.

I will evaluate my work all through WordPress, which will include images, contact sheets of my work, images of my chosen photographers work and the meanings behind their work. However, I could potentially use padlet to review my work if I want to go for something different in how I look at my project. I may also do peer assessments as it could allow me to get a rough idea of my strengths and weaknesses and what I can improve on and what I can do to change anything in my work. Within both my artist and photographer research, I will be going into depth about them and their work and hopefully being able to use some of their ideas and techniques into my own work.

I will present my outcomes and developmental work all on WordPress, which will include my refinement of my ideas and practical samples. I will have contact sheets of my work, and also some of my best outcomes will be included, which will allow me to talk about what went well and what could be improved in preparation for my final pieces. For my end of year exhibition, my whole class have set duties. We will all be working together to set up the exhibition, decorate it, and make leaflets/invites, marketing and much more. This will ensure our final exhibition is almost the perfect send off and we are able to see everyones final pieces clearly and so they are presented in a fun yet professional way. If we wanted we could use social media to draw attention to our exhibition, such as setting up a Facebook event and invite a group of people and then to ask them to invite anyone who would be interested in coming along.

My idea, all in all will be solely about graffiti, the different types and the meaning behind certain pieces. I will be doing eight experimental shoots; all of them will be different. I will be doing four technical shoots and four conceptual shoots. All of these shoots will help me develop my ideas and techniques for my final pieces. I will also be doing six research pieces, which will include a post all about Banksy and his/her work and what he/she expresses and how controversial it is. The other research piece will be about another artist who creates graffiti in a different way to Banksy. I will be writing four more research pieces about photographers and artists who take pictures of graffiti and what they think it means and the reason why they photograph it. I will edit all my best outcomes from my experimental images in Photoshop. I’m planning that my experimental shoots will show that I have completely different ideas to pick and choose from, which could end up leading to using some of the ideas in my final work.  At the end of this unit, I will showcase one image in the exhibition.




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