Shoot ‘Plan’ 1

For this shoot I won’t be photographing any new images, as I have already completed them on a trip to Iceland. I was in Iceland for four days, in which I photographed graffiti on the second day. I went out with the whole group and we took a long walk taking photographs of anything we liked, I was lucky in the fact that the town was covered in graffiti, which allowed me to capture some amazing photographs. Some of the graffiti images I took were in black and white as I thought it gave it a nice effect, however the rest are all in colour. In this shoot I experimented mostly with black and white and short depth of field, which is one of the processes I am practising in my experimental, shoots. This shoot was also mainly to experiment with the idea of graffiti and see what I could potentially do in future shoots. I will also make sure not to change my camera settings to black and white/monochrome as I have no control over what my image will come out like, unlike when I edit a coloured image in Photoshop to black and white as I am in control of what it looks like.


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