Shoot Plan 2&3

For my first experimental shoot I will be going around Harlow and photographing different kinds of graffiti. This shoot will be one of my conceptual shoots, however I will be experimenting with some techniques in this shoot to help me expand my ideas for my technical shoots. I will be on location for this shoot; I will visit Staple Tye and also the old Passmores School as they have a wall covered in art. I will use these as my second experimental shoot. Staple Tye has less graffiti as it is spaced out, however, the graffiti around that area in my opinion is done as a ‘rebellious’ act. I will also go to the Skate Park next to Burnt Mill Academy and use this as my second shoot as there graffiti is all grouped together which will allow me to explore the colours and there is some artistic pieces on show there also. I will go to the Skate Park during the week as there is it less likely that there will be people there, which will make it easier for me to get the shots I need as there will be no one about to block my shot, view or creative angle that I need to reach.


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