Banksy – image based solutions and responses

I am using Banksy as one of my conceptual artists, as he/she does graffiti in a artistic way to be showcased to a large audience. This helps me when doing a shoot for artistic graffiti as I know what to look for, such as a message being sent across to people, or even just a smile drawing rather than random lettering or scribbles which would be more viewed as vandalism.

Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity. Their street art showcases subversive epigrams, which combine dark humour with graffiti, executed in a distinctive stencilling technique. Banksy’s work has been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. Banksy has not and will not sell any of his art work, however auctioneers have been known to try and sell some of their work and have left the removal of the art pieces to the winning bidder. Banksy showcases real life problems, such as expresses their political views through graffiti, or even domestic/work related abuse. Banksy’s work is very powerful as each piece sends out a strong message to their audience and they manage to get across their views to a number of people around the globe without anyone knowing their identity. I like how Banksy gets their view across with no identity, as I feel that it brings people together to discuss and realise the current issues into today’s society.

Here are some of Banksy’s pieces which represents political and current views:

These images in a way come off as witty but serious. Such as the first one in which a homeless man is holding a sign saying “keep you coins, I want change”. This image is somewhat a pun but also a way to slide in a political and environmental view. I also like the second one with the little girl crossing out the word “truth” and rewriting underneath in red “politics” as it gets across a serious issue but still keeping a bit of humour in their graffiti as a lot of people would be able to relate their views.

Here is my image-based solution for Banksy:

For this image I used someone else’s images. I researched a wall and political graffiti. I then opened them both up into Photoshop and inserted the graffiti onto the wall. I then used the rubber tool and traced around the graffiti and got rid of the background on it to make it blend with the wall better. I then turned the brightness down and the saturation up on the graffiti to make it darker so it was seen more easily. I then turned the saturation of the wall down and the brightness up so the graffiti was more visible.

banksy image based soluton


Here is some more image based solutions for Banksy:

My favourite image would be the first image on the third row as they have used a stop sign to express their feelings on war. I think this kind of graffiti really gets someones point across as many people will see it and many people will be able to look at it and feel the same way, which could start discussions and groups about what war is all about and how it has changed the world we live in today and the people who live in it. It could also get into the media if people try hard enough, which can then also lead to political discussions.

Here are my responses to Banksy, I was inspired to research the priminsters house, funny clowns, congress and Donald trump. The reason I searched for these is because banksy does political graffiti with a funny twist on it. Here is my mood board:


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