Experimental Shoot 1

For this shoot I had already pre planned it, as I went on a trip in March to Iceland with the college. By then I had already set out my idea for this unit so I knew what my idea was. It just so happened that the area I was staying in had a lot of graffiti. In my opinion most of the graffiti I took pictures of was used to showcase art as it was very expressive and beautiful, however there was some in which I thought was for a delinquent purpose. I managed to get a lot of different techniques in these images, I was able to use short and long depth of field in these experimental images. I also photographed some of the images in black and white as it gave the images a more plain but professional look.

Here is my contact sheet:


Here are my best outcomes which I have edited in Photoshop:

I chose this image as one of my best outcomes as I really like how the colours pop and stand out in the photograph, which led me in photoshop to up the colours and make the image brighter to draw more attention to the beautiful colours in the image. I also like how in my opinion it may have been done as a delinquent act I still think the whole wall looks pretty artistic.

IMG_9325 copy

In this image, I set my camera to take photos in black and white, the original graffiti is an off yellow, however I preferred the image in black and white as I didn’t like the original colours and it also gave it a more airbrushed effect.


This image is the same graffiti as the first one, however I wanted to get a close up of it as I liked the pinks and purples of the heart on the wall. I love the colours in this image and I also like how I’ve managed to use short depth of field so the left side of the image is in focus and the right side is slightly out of focus.




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