Alex Fakso- responses 

Alex Fakso photographs people in action doing graffiti. To me he is a very technical photographer as he has to shoot in very low lighting, as he mostly does his shoots at night. he also has to work with people moving about and jumping over fences so he has to have the right setting so everything is in focus and crisp. He is an Italian photographer who started out photographing people on skateboards in the early 1990’s. He embarked on a more personal adventure which led him to become passionate in recording his entire process of people doing graffiti. He would photograph them in many different places depending where he would find them, mostly in a train or subway depot. For Alex Fakso, street photography isn’t his main focus, but I have chosen him as I like how he portrays the people in his photographs as delinquent and trouble makers, however they all cover their identity so no one ever knows who they are. He photographs the graffiti artists in action such as repairing to paint or even jumping a fence and running away from authorities. Alex tries to capture in those moments, the painters emotions, reactions and the challenging moments of getting away with doing the graffiti. Alex has had an exhibition showcasing his work with Martha Cooper and he also worked with well-known street artists called the Os Gemeos twins.

Here is some of Alex Fakso’s work:

I have competed some image based solutions by researching people getting caught doing graffiti and also low lighting images of graffiti:

I have completed some reponses for Alex Fakso by searching for the underground tube train, masked men, devil horns and prison cells. I researched these as Alex Fakso takes pictures of people doing illegal graffiti and being mischievous and also getting caught by police. Here is my mood board:


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